13 Biggest Keto Mistakes


One of my favorite YouTubers tried the Keto diet for one week and made a video documenting her experiences. She experienced extreme tiredness, headaches, and not feeling well in general. Throughout the video I noticed several key mistakes she made during the process causing all of these symptoms.

Keto sometimes can be complicated. Here is a list of the things you should focus on when first starting out!

  • Drink plenty of water! This is KEY
  • Clean out your house of any non keto friendly foods
  • Eating out is very difficult. Stick to eating at home for the first month or so.
  • Always have a quick keto snack on hard when first starting out! I don’t recommend making snacks a consistent occurrence once getting used to keto though. Every time you eat, your body spikes your insulin and this can hurt you if you have insulin resistance.
  • Get enough sleep – Take Magnesium if you are having trouble sleeping. This was my lifesaver.
  • Get most of your carbs from vegetables – You still need all of your nutrients!
  • Not eating enough fat. If you don’t eat carbs and you’re also not eating fat, that is not keto, that is starvation.
  • Use a tracking app, like MyFitnessPal or CarbManager
  • Invest in a food scale. I thought I could get around this one but you need to track things in detail so a scale was necessary. I just picked up a cheap one from Wal-Mart.
  • Increase your salt intake. This is to replace your sodium electrolytes.
  • I personally did not count calories for the first couple of week to get used to the ketogenic lifestyle. It was easier than I thought to eat less because of how full fat makes me feel.
  • Don’t drink diet soda or have low-carb grains
    • Some people’s ketosis will not be affected by these things but most will. I would drink Diet Coke as a “cheat meal”. It never kicked me out of ketosis but I knew the aspartame would hurt me in other ways.
    • Low carb wraps and other products may have a low net carb counts but eating grains will go against your ketosis! No type of grain is considered ok on the keto diet. This is called a Low Carb, High Fat diet (LCHF)
  • Cook in large doses and meal plan! This will become a staple of your new life.
  • Oh, and did I mention WATER? 😉


I wish this information was available when I started keto. I hope this help you with your journey!


Happy Ketoing!


Are there any tips you think I missed? Did you also struggle with these on keto?

Leave a comment below!


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