Everything in Moderation


in-moderation-500When I first started the keto diet, I received a lot of responses. “That is not healthy”, “Trust me, ketones are bad for you”, etc. The one I heard the most was that it was a “fad diet that was not sustainable because it was too strict. Everything is ok in moderation.”. I will be the first one to admit that keto IS complicated! I hate when people try to spread the keto lifestyle as a simple one. This creates a lot of misinformation to which those people then spread that the keto diet made them feel groggy, depressed, and just in general bad. That’s because you didn’t do the research! …..ok ok rant over.

But seriously, this is why I started this website. To give people a central source for all of the complications that come along with eating the keto diet correctly. Most of my friends and family’s comments can be contradicted by science and a fact is a fact so I never pondered over them, but the moderation comment really stuck in my head. I am a very logical type of a thinker and I do believe that most things are ok in moderation in all aspects of life.

Keto does not have a lot of moderation, you are either eating keto or you’re not. If you are not, it will kick you out of ketosis and you have to restart the fat adaptation stage all over again. This got me to start thinking about why a mind that thinks like mine does is so dedicated to this type of a diet. Obviously, I have lost over 50 lbs. and I immediately felt great in ketosis so that was a great deciding factor but that was after sticking with it for so long. I had to get to that point and I didn’t 52b50f19b1afc1724578df16f7e2028drealize why my mental state was allowing me to get that far.

I think that I have been looking at moderation on a daily or maybe weekly timeline and that is just not how life works. It’s simple cause and effect and karma at work. I spent my entire life eating a lot of really, really horrible foods and never leaving my house. I had 23 years to do whatever I wanted with no moderation at all. Now I have to do the opposite to make up for all of that missed time and damage I’ve done. This is still moderation in my eyes. I do not want to change for a phase, I want to change who I am as a person at the core. That takes time and dedication.

Keto has given me a path to not only the health and body that I want, but it has sent me down the road of learning self love/worth and self awareness. I am seeing things in myself I have never known were there and I want other people to know what it feels like to be free from yourself (although my journey is still continuing).

e2d06bb89a25b813dec9c95193e08cf3.jpgIf you are getting negative remarks from loved ones regarding your diet, please remember this not only comes from a place of misinformation, but also from love. If you do this diet correctly, it will open so many doors for you that you never saw existed. If you feel like it is worth it, educate the people who criticize you. If it’s not worth your time, let go of the negativity and continue with your journey because remember that this road looks different for everyone and your path is something only you can see.

Enjoy the journey and don’t let these people get you down. Remember that you are strong enough to conquer the world.


Have you received negative comments about keto? How did you respond? Do you believe moderation is over a lifetime and not daily? Let me know what you think!

Leave a comment below!


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